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Graph customizing: PCA: different markers

Graph customizing: PCA: different markers

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I would like to know if there is any way to plot group data on PCA with different symbols.

I know it is possible to plot them with group labels but when plotting a lot of data, both markers and numbers get too crowded; and when plotting labels without markers, it is not viasually agreable; different markers with different colors would make visualization clearer.



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  • when I do PCA, i use the NIPALS tool. from there, you can output scores with any additional variables you select. So then I would do that and create the scatterplot from that data and either categorize by my group variable or simply color and mark by the categories of that group variable. the steps are:

    1. on the NIPALS PCA results dialog, select the advanced tab and click save scores.

    2. pick the group variables to output with the scores.

    3. using this output as input start scatterplots.

    4. then pick either the advanced tab and mark selected subsets or the categorized tab to make a categorized plot.


    I hope that helps.