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Code for XML Data Extraction in Statistica

Code for XML Data Extraction in Statistica

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I recently saw this video titled 'Reduce Research from Weeks to Hours: Text mining PubMed with XML and Statistica' Can anyone provide the exact SVB code to extract information from a XML file? Thanks KS.
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  • you are referencing a tutorial from a textbook, Practical Textmining. I imagine that the SVB code is copyrighted material. It would be availible with the book. Here is a link to it on Amazon.

    The hard copy edition comes with the materials such as scripts and data sets. The e-book version does not.

  • I did the you tube presentation referenced in the original question.  I highly recommend the book, but the SVB code asked about is not included in the tutorial in the book.  Importing XML was something I did in addition to the what was written about in Practical Text Mining.

  • What code do you need in addition to what was provided in the webinar?

  • I have posted some SVB code on my blog ( that might help you out.