Dear StatSoft svb Forum,

I want to customize Pareto Chart Graph. I have attached one screenshot of pareto chart graph given below. Here text labels are #1, #2, #3,...........I want to replace this text labels with some other values through macro. It is possible through Graph Options (Graph Options->Point Labels-> Display Point Labels-> Text Labels Editor) but I want to change this through macro. Is it possible?


I was attempting to run a macro code given below but it is generating an error  "Invalid Index" at red marked line. I have also attached error dialog plaese find below.

Sub GraphOptions(oGraph As Graph)

    Dim oGraphObj As GraphObject
    Set oGraphObj = oGraph.GraphObject
    Dim oGL As Layout2D
    Set oGL = oGraphObj.Content
    With oGL
        Dim oPlot_1_3 As Plot2DSimple
        Set oPlot_1_3 = .Plots(2)
        With oPlot_1_3
            .DisplayPointLabels = True
        End With
        Dim oPointLabels_1_1 As PointLabels
        Set oPointLabels_1_1 = .DataLink(1).PointLabels(1)
        With oPointLabels_1_1
            .Text(1) = "a%"
            .Text(2) = "b%"
            .Text(3) = "c%"
            .Text(4) = "d%"
            .Text(5) = "e%"
            .Text(6) = "f%"
            .Text(7) = "g%"
            .Text(8) = "h%"
        End With
    End With
End Sub


Where I have to change please suggest me?