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multiple comparison within Kruskal-Wallis-ANOVA

multiple comparison within Kruskal-Wallis-ANOVA

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Dear all,

I performed a Kruskal Wallis ANOVA for comparing more than two samples by non-parametric method.

In case of significance (p<0.05), I performed multiple comparisons (Kruskal Wallis tests) afterwards.
As a result, I obtained a matrix with several p-values, whereas those < 0.05 were labelled with red colour.

Now, I am just wondering whether I need to adjust/correct the obtained p-values (e.g. Bonferroni) or not?
Or is the number of comparisons already considered within the test itself?

Could you please help me answering my question?

Thanks a lot,


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  • Hello Tine,

    The p values presented in that table already include a Bonferroni adjustment. Please refer to the Kruskal-Wallis ANOVA and Median Test - Quick Tab help page for more details (also available in your offline STATISTICA Help).