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automating SVB using Windows Service scheduler

automating SVB using Windows Service scheduler

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Hello Forum!

I have yet another question.  Thanks for your patience.

I currently have an individual license on my work laptop.  (AGA206F367304A11-V)  In the past, I have generally used the server version.

With my current individual seat, is it possible to automate SVB script to run automatically and periodically using a Windows Service (or equivalent)?  Can this be done on a workstation or laptop?  Or does it require a server?

Or is a server version of Statistica required?  Or perhaps the Enterprise version?  Or does this task require the Monitoring and Alerting product?

I am far from an expert in this particular area, and thought that the question might be appropriate for this (SVB) forum.  My apologies if not.

(I did attempt a search of the archives in both forums, as well as a general internet search.  Most results, if there were any, pointed me to the Monitoring and Alerting Server, which I do not have.)

Again, and as always, thanks.


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  • Hi Cliff,

    If all you want to do is execute a SVB macro, then a desktop version of STATISTICA will do. You should run statist.exe using the runmacro parameter.

    This command-line parameter specifies the full path of an SVB macro to run when the program starts up. For example:

          statist.exe /runmacro="c:\testdir\startup.svb"

    If this macro does not make the application visible through use of the SVB Application.Visible = True command (or by making any of the STATISTICA objects visible), then the application will shut down automatically when the macro completes. This enables use of STATISTICA SVB programs in silent batch mode.

    If the application is made visible, then the application will open in whatever state was created by the macro, and allow the initial state of the program to be configured.

    The optional command-line parameter “MacroArgument” allows a string value to be passed as a parameter. Note that this is accessible through the global GetScriptArgument function. For example:

          statist.exe /RunMacro=C:\macro1.svb /MacroArgument="MONDAY"

    In order to automatically run it on a regular basis, you should set up a windows scheduled task or similar.

    Hope this helps.


  • Hi Mario.  You have been very generous and very helpful.  I appreciate it very much.  I owe you a beer sometime.

    Best regards.