I get some unwanted behaviour when I try to make a scatter plot with picture markers. The result differs from time to time and is therefore a tad difficult to describe.

I have created some scatterplots with years on the first axis and an economic observable up the second axis. We have elsewhere defined years as years of either good or bad economy. I therefore want to use two symbols (red triangle or green circle) in the scatter plot depending on whether the point is for a good or bad year. I can do this manually through Graph Options -> Plots -> General -> Picture Markers. Knowing which years are good or bad, I can enter the path (on my I: drive) for the triangle and circle jpg files.

Quite often, doing this leads to some of the points not being shown at all. A plot will show the first few points (often some of each type) and then not the rest. Double clicking on the graph in these cases results in an error message "an unnamed file has a bad format". If I close Statistica and redo the picture markers, I may not get the error, but perhaps in another graph.

The curious thing is that I observe the exact same unpredictable behaviour if I code it in SVB. Recording a macro gives me something like:

   Dim p2d as Plot2D
   p2d.PicturePoints.RepeatImages = False
   With p2d.PicturePoints(SymbolCount)
    .UpdateImage = scgNever
    .TransparentBackground = False
    If krisis = "Good" Then
    ElseIf krisis = "Bad" Then
     MsgBox "WOOPS! Krisis had the value " & krisis
    End If

   End With

First of all, I don't seem to find any documentation on PicturePoints. Not in Intellisense or in the help functions or in the object browser. Am I missing something?

Second, is the weird behaviour of picture markers known? Is there a known solution?


I hope the question makes sense and I apologize for the long post. I wanted to be as specific as possible. If that was not enough, I'll of course be happy to provide additional details.