Hi there,

I've been programming a macro for scatterplots. On my computer this macro is working fine - without any problems. But on my colleague's computer it displays the legend in the graph window although my code includes the follwoing line:

 Dim oTitle_Legend As Title
 Set oTitle_Legend = oGraphObj_2.Titles(3)
 With oTitle_Legend
 End With

I thought, I could work around the problem by repeating these lines of the code for every 'possible' title item. The graph properties list six titles (title, title(2), subtitle, footnote, left title, right title). However, if I refer to titles(4) as shown below I get an error message.

 Dim oTitle_Legend2 As Title
 Set oTitle_Legend2 = oGraphObj_2.Titles(4)
 With oTitle_Legend2
 End With

Any ideas and help are greatly appreciated!

Many thanks!