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SVB: Loop through spreadsheets

SVB: Loop through spreadsheets

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Hi all,

I've written a macro in SVB that imports an excel workbook into statistica and creates two line plots (including formatting) - but ONLY for the ACTIVE (red framed) worksheet in the imported workbook.

What I would like the macro to do is loop through all the spreadsheets in the workbook and create the same two graphs for each single spreadsheet.

Unfortunately I've got know idea how to do the loop. Any help is much appreciated!

Thanks a lot!



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  • I would change the macro to import the worksheets one at a time, create the line plots and then insert them in the workbook if you want to. That seems easist to me.

  •  Please find the attached script which demonstrates how to browse Workbooks in SVB.

  • Thanks! Your code works perfectly fine! I spent hours and days to solve this issue...and I'm really happy that it's working now. Again, thank you very much!