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Bivariate scatterplots with error bars

Bivariate scatterplots with error bars

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I want to make bivariate scatterplots were I can get different symbols for mean values for multiple groups, plus error bars in both x and y directions. HELP! I have version 8

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  • have you tried an overlaid categorized mean plot? different colors are used to show the group means of the categorized variable. the point marker are both a hollow square but they can be changed independently so that the markers are different.

    categorized means plot.PNG

    I don't think there is a way to show error bars in the x direction since x is the independent variable.

  •  Is a bivariate scatterplot equates to categorized scatterplot?

    You can create a Scatter Plot w/Box Plot. 

  • Have you tried the "Scatter Plot w/Box Plot"? The box plots on are the margins of the scatterplot. You can select "Mean" for the middle plot on the box plots from the "Advanced" tab. 

    Then use "By Group". I used the example dataset Irisdat.sta, so I selected IRISTYPE as my grouping variable. 

    2d scatterplot with box plots.jpg

    Does this help?