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multiple graphs edit by one click

multiple graphs edit by one click

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Dear colleagues,

is it possible to change (edit) several graphs by one operation ?

My idea is to simply "select graphs in worksheet" + "change what is necessary". It would be used for attributes which are common for selected graphs = i.e. graph title for any combination of graph types or axis for same type of graph.

If I need to change title of 5 graphs now then I manually change title in each graph separately and this is time wasting method.

Thank you.

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  • graph styles are one option for make a set of changes to several graphs.  here is a blog post about them that I found helpful:

    But I don't think titles are saved in styles since they tend to be unique to a particular graph. You can record changes made to a graph as a macro and then run the macro on the new graph. for example, here is the code I recorded to add a new title to my scatterplots:

    '#Language "WWB-COM"
    Option Base 1

    Sub Main
    End Sub

    Sub GraphOptions(oGraph As Graph)

     Dim oGraphObj_5 As GraphObject
     Set oGraphObj_5 = oGraph.GraphObject
     Dim oTitle_4_5 As Title
     Set oTitle_4_5 = oGraphObj_5.Titles.Add(scgMainTitle, "new titles added via macro")
     With oTitle_4_5
     End With
    End Sub

    I can run this macro and easily add the title to a graph.  with some added code, this could likely be modified to add a title to all graphs in a workbook.

    Hope this helps!

  • Hi,

    Just to complement the answer above - if your graphs are all in a STATISTICA Workbook document and you need to put appropriate loop around the code listed by TheAnalyzer you can have a look at on of the example SVB macros installed with the program. It is called "Print Workbook Items by Document Type.svb".

    To find it - click "Open Examples" from the File menu or Home button and it is in Macros - Workbook Examples folder.

    Happy coding.

  • thanks Jurek, I am going to take a look at that example!

  • Thank you for response,

    macro is good - but our 'typical' user is not programmer and if yes he has not enough time to create and debug code for such simple thing as graph names changing.

    Complication in "macro" solution is also situation when one needs to change only selected graphs (1st, 3rd, 5th-7th and 125th).

    Additionally I have problem with quick creation of proper code (in Statistica v.8):

    * MS Excel provides possibility to store any action in VBA (e.g. changing of title in the graph or lines color changing) - is it possible also in Statistica ? I know to store SVB code of whole analysis only - but such code does not contain any part for graph options settings. And when graph is ready then I don't know to store only changing graph title or axis similarly as in Excel: "start macro recording -> change title -> stop macro recording" (and correspondent code for title change is stored in SVB)

    * do you have complete help for SVB ? Methods of objects in my v.8 are (mostly) described by very useful "No description currently available" so partly I use experience from other languages and partly I made time consumpting experiments


  • Yes it is possible to do that.

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