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Few SVB Questions

Few SVB Questions

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I'm trying to screen a large data set for invalid categorical varaibles and want to screen by number of cases.  Anyone know how I could get the number of cases in a  variable?  Like when you click a column on a spreadsheet, select "Variable Specs..." and then "Values\Stats" and you get a list of all the cases.  I've figured out how to get some variable stats in SVB with this methodology but can't figure out where the functionality I want is in the object model.


retval = S1.Variable(varnum).Cases.Count

Also was wondering if you can add to VarBundle after its been created through SVB.  I made a Bundle like this but can't seem to add to it after its been created.

varlist = "6 7"


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  • Here is an example macro that might help you. You can modify bundles after creation. The example macro below has has a function FindBundleIndexByName which returns the bundle index for the given name, if it exists, or -1. Once you have the index, you can call s1.VarBundle.ItemVars(bundleIdx) = [a new bundle variable string].

    Sub Main

     Dim s1 As Spreadsheet
     Set s1 = ActiveSpreadsheet
     Dim varNumber As Long
     varNumber = 1
     Dim validN As Variant
     s1.Variable(varNumber).ColumnStats(scValidN, validN)
     ' now validN is the number of non-missing cases

     Dim values() As Double
     s1.GetUniqueValues(varNumber, True, values)
     ' now values array has all the unique values from variable varNumber

     Dim bundles As VarBundles
     Dim bundleIdx As Long
     bundleIdx = FindBundleIndexByName(s1, "MyBundle")
     If bundleIdx <> -1 Then
      ' we found the bundle; modify it.
      s1.VarBundle.ItemVars(bundleIdx) = "1 2"
      ' none found; add a new one
      s1.VarBundle.Add("MyBundle", "6 7")
     End If

    End Sub

    Function FindBundleIndexByName(s As Spreadsheet, bundleName As String) As Long
     ' find a bundle index given the name
     ' return -1 if not found

     FindBundleIndexByName = -1
     For i = 1 To s.VarBundle.Count
      If s.VarBundle.ItemName(i) = bundleName Then
       FindBundleIndexByName = i
       Exit Function
      End If
    End Function

  • You might also take a look at the "Filter Sparse Data" option, accessible from the Data menu, under Data Filtering/Recoding.  This allows you to create a new spreadsheet including only those variables (or cases) that contain a specified percentage of valid (non-missing) values.

  • That's great thanks for sharing

  •  Thanks for sharing .