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Import R funktion and plot ternary 3D diagramm with surface

Import R funktion and plot ternary 3D diagramm with surface

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I'm new to Statistica and I'm searching for some help.

I'm using the german version 8.0.725.0

I want to implement a R funktion (f<- npudens from the R library(np)) into Statistica to calculate an estimate density  for my data points in a ternary system (CaO(x)-SiO2(y)-Al2O3(z)). This calculated values should be (v) for the ternary 3D plot.

How can I do this?

In this 3D ternary plot I want to draw a surface of this calculated values, like a 3D landscape to show the highest density through a mountain. At the moment I can only draw the calculated values as points in the 3D ternary diagram.

I hope someone can help me.



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  • Have you installed the R environment?

    Once you install R, STATISTICA can execute R scripts. You might want to read the white page.


  • Yes I installed the R enviroment.

    I will try to test your instruction.

    Can you please help me too with my second question to draw a 3D surface in the ternary diagram?

  • STATISTICA's 3D Ternary Graphs do have a "Surface" graph type. You need to click on the Advanced tab to see it.



  • Hello,

    last week we buy the full german version of STATSTICA 9 ( and today I want to test how it works. But I can not open the old 3D ternary graphs, made with the trial version. I can only open the *stw. file and see the small thumpnail picture. If I want to see it in big, the window gets white and I hear an error sound.

    I also can not create new ternary 3D graphs, all time an error occurs: "graph can not be produced" or in german "Grafik kann nicht erstellt werden".

    Whats the problem with my new full version of STATISTICA???

  • Hi Mineraloge,

    We are not aware of such problems from users who have used the trial with opening files created from this STATISTICA install.  We have contacted you by e-mail to gather more information so our Technical Support team can investigate.

    Thank you.