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non modal dialog box

non modal dialog box

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Does anyone know how to create a non modal (modeless) dialog box?

At this point, Ive created a modal dialog box but the user needs to have access to a graph behind the dialog box before clicking on it and going to the next step.

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  • I also have this problem. Can anyone help us out with this problem? Thank you!

  •  I don't think there is any way to do this with statistica macros

  • DisplayNumericInputBox is a nonmodal input dialog which can be used to get one input value that can be used to populate the field on modal dialog box on the next step. I am not sure what you use case is, if u can expand on it i can try to help you with it.

  • I asked sramalingam if he had an example. He provided example macro code below. He said that while this dialog doesn't look nonmodal, it behaves nonmodal. You can access STATISTICA and the macro is paused.

    Dim vals(1) As Double
    if DisplayNumericInputBox("DisplayBox Title", "TextBox Title", vals) =0