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R Integration Not Working

R Integration Not Working

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I have tried to run an R script from Statistica 8 and I get an error message that says:

VBA Error in macro R Integration Support at line 1321
(&H80040004) Exception 80040004

The offending line is:

R.EvaluateNoReturn("sink()") ' reset console output; release our console output file

Any ideas why this is occurring? ;



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  • Thank you for your interest in R Integration with STATISTICA.

    The error you are experiencing may be related to your particular computer setup.

    Please update the E-mail address on your profile, and I will contact you directly.


    Jen Beck
    Project Manager
    StatSoft, Inc.

  • Please can you post the solution back to the forum when you find it

    I got a similar prob a while ago. It eventually went away after reinstalling and messing with settings but I'm not sure what I did to fix it



  • One of the R components required for proper interaction between STATISTICA and R was removed from R 2.8 distribution, breaking Integration with R for STATISTICA V8 MR3, therefore this version of STATISTICA will only work with R versions prior to R 2.8 (e.g., R 2.7.2). STATISTICA Version 9 will be able to bypass this problem and interact with newer R versions properly.



  • To get the STATISTICA R integration running (again) properly:

    - install the latest R version (2.8.1) from

    - install the R package "rscproxy" from within R or from

    - install the latest R COM Server from (uninstall any previous versions)

    Enjoy STATISTICA R integration!