If you own Statistica Data Miner or Statistica Enterprise licensing, you have the ability to create a custom node for Statistica Workspaces (analytic workflow tool). You can use R or SVB to create this node. 

To help customers get started, we have added example nodes and example Workspaces.  You can see these examples by starting Statistica, select Home Ribbon Bar, select Open pull down menu, select Open Examples menu. 

You will see all the examples. 

  • Dashboard folder: You can open these files if you purchased Statistica Interactive Dashboards.
  • Database folder: These are access databases that can be used with any Statistica product to work through an example.
  • Datasets folder: This contains files with the following formats: tab delimited text, XML, Excel, Bitmap and Statistica spreadsheet. These are used in examples documented in help
  • Graphs folder: example graphs
  • Macros folder: example SVB macros
  • Nodes folder: example R and SVB nodes for Workspaces. This includes the classic "hello world" and a "getting started r node". 
  • R folder: more examples on using R within Statistica
  • Scorecard folder: These example files are used with the Statistica Scorecard product
  • Workspace folder: This contains example workspaces for different issues like churn, credit scoring, descriptive statistics for a report and cleaning dirty data.