Below you will find Support's Top 5 Recommended Statistica Solution articles for August 2016! These articles are focused on bettering the user's understanding of the options found in various modules of Statistica.

1. .NET Framework and Visual C++ installation requirements for Statistica Information on which version of .NET Framework and Visual C++ are required for installation of different versions of Statistica.

2. Error, "System clock has been set back" Solutions provided to troubleshoot & resolve the error message “System clock has been set back” appeared, due to which, user is not able to access Statistica

3. How to use code to call a Python script in the Python node? Example code to call a local Python script in workspace Python node.

4. Python integration documentation and Example Python scripts for Python Node in workspace  Helpful example workspace with Python node deployed to illustrate how to write python code to read inputs from upstream node and generate outputs in python node

5. Min and Max hidden units in SANN Explanations on the Min and Max hidden units parameters used in Automated Neural Network analysis and what effect these number of hidden units have on the analysis


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