Below you will find Support's Top 5 Recommended Statistica Solution articles for June 2016! These articles are focused on bettering the user's understanding of the options found in various modules of Statistica.

1. Error " Updating data from xxx.xml failed. This may imply that unmatched PMML files..." in PMML deployment  How to troubleshoot when you encounter such error message during deploying PMML model to make predictions on new data

2. Matching log in DSN information to appropriate System DSN  Step-by-step instruction on how to set the ODBC data connection in the System DSN to match Statistica Enterprise login DSN information

3. Unable to log in to SDMS Guidance on how to set user account to log in to SDMS

4. Statistica Enterprise Command Line Options Helpful introduction on the various command line options available to run Statistica from Windows command prompt

5. Wildcard expression rules in workspace node variable selection Useful information on some Wildcard expression rules for variable selection in Statistica analysis


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