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Massive temp files?

Massive temp files?

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I recently imported a large table into Statistica, ~120,000,000 rows. I saved it as a Statistica project file, which is about 75gb. When I tried to reopen the project Statistica was "Opening Project..." for about 30 mins before I shut it down, as I was about to run out of space on my hard drive.  Statistica created several files  in the "C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp" folder: a spreadsheet titled SPF_1.sta which was 75gb; and "99b2c8fc-058c-49dc-8738-ddca31d93d64.tmp" which was 25gb and still growing larger when I shut it down. 

Presumably the spreadsheet should already be contained in the .spf file. Why is Statistica creating a copy of it and what is the .tmp file? How can I avoid this situation? My hard drive is not large enough to support an extra 100+gb every time I open the project file. 

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  • Hi, Nelling,

    Please kindly proceed to open a service request for this particular issue. Here is the link of the instructions to open a service request. Our support engineers will be ready to assist you better through the service request. 

    Thank you very much.