Below you will find Support's Top 5 Recommended Statistica Solution articles for April 2016! These articles are focused on bettering the user's understanding of the options found in various modules of Statistica.

1. How to change the group order in boxplot Useful instructions on how to change the order of categorical groups in boxplot

2. Work space node to split analysis by variable(s) Helpful guide on how to split the analysis for specific levels of a categorical variable by using “Break-Down by Groups” node in workspace.

3. Does uninstalling and re-installing Statistica delete all my settings? Guidance on how to import customized configuration settings from previous installations, in the situation of uninstall and reinstall of Statistica.

4. How to install the License Service and Statistica on separate servers Step by step instructions on how to install License service and Statistica on separate servers

5. How to change the WebStatistica URL in MAS Alarm Email  In some cases, when the MAS server is different than the WebStatistica Server or if the user has a clustered server and wants to point to the secondary server, or the webStatistica Server changed recently, the Webstatistica URL in the MAS Alarm email can be changed.

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