Below you will find Support's Top 5 Recommended Statistica Solution articles for February 2016! These articles are focused on bettering the user's understanding of the options found in various modules of Statistica.

1.  Version Management (Version Manager)  User can install multiple versions of Statistica side by side on the same computer system, and this design is supported by Statistica built-in tool called “Version Manager”.

2. Cannot log in to WebStatistica after upgrade from 12 to 13  How to fix the login issue of WebStatistica after upgrading from version 12 to version 13

3. Writing R scripts in Statistica Helpful instructions on how to start to write R scripts in Desktop Statistica, Enterprise and Workspace.

4. How to edit .dmi parameters for SVB node in workspace? Useful information on how to load and edit user-defined/customized SVB node in workspace (.svx and .dmi files needed for customized SVB node)

5. How to use brushing in exploratory data analysis  How to use brushing tool in Statistica to mark certain data points or data ranges in scatterplot graphs for better visualization of data correlations or relationships.

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