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Data DEscription

Data DEscription

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Hi,I included verba

In my data, there are 71 variables. One of them is dependent and rest are independent variables. I included a verbal description of my data including sizes, types etc in the research text. However, a reviewer asks for a better description of my data sample. Since the number of variables is high I thought I can not include a graphical description for each variable. What do you suggest? What can I include using Statistica's Basic Statistics outputs for better data description?

Thank you for your time ..

Ferda Özdemir Sönmez

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  • Hello,Ferda

     Unfortunately, we are not legally defended to offer any statistical consulting at standard support service. We are here to assist you with software related questions. We have a Statistica Professional Service Team that offers billable consulting service. If you are interested in, I will have them to contact you.