Below you will find Support's Top 5 Recommended Statistica Solution articles for January 2016! These articles are focused on bettering the user's understanding of the options found in various modules of Statistica.

1. How to request a temporary license extension (Grace License)?  Instructions of the steps of requesting temporary license.

2. Unable to upgrade to Statistica 12.7 or to Statistica 13 due to hotfixes detected. Explanation of upgrading to V13 when hotfixes is installed.

3. How to make a simple categorized boxplot. Examples of how to make colorful categorized boxplot in interactive module .

4. Timeout error when trying to retreive Status of My Batch Jobs from WebStatistica. Introduction of troubleshoot a timeout error in Webstatistica.

5. How to combine multiple SBDA output files for charting in the analyze tab?  Demonstration of how to combine SBDA output.