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Statistica 13 repeatedly freezes (not responding)

Statistica 13 repeatedly freezes (not responding)

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Just upgraded to version 13, and finding it is freezing.

Version 13 periodically freezes (does not respond) for several minutes at a time. Its duty cycle is about 50%: about half the time it works and the other half it is frozen.

The file save process only takes a few seconds by comparison. So I presume it is not a file-save process.

The analyses themselves run fine.

No error messages reported.

Statistica 12 ran fine on exactly the same computer and network, so nothing has changed on the hardware. I have never had this problem with earlier versions of statistica either.

Version 13 always recovers ... eventually. However this is very frustrating and unproductive. Has anyone had a similar experience or can recommend solutions?

thank you

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  • The above applied to a network license running on a WIN 7 desktop PC.

    I have now had a chance to try the stand-alone license running on a WIN8 laptop, and the problem is still there, though this time it worked for longer before freezing for longer.  This machine previously ran version 12 without any problems.

    Is any-one else having stability problems with statistica version 13? 

  • Statistica may show "not responding" if it is performing an analysis that is complicated or there is a large amount of data being analyzed. The "not responding" message is really just a Windows message indicating the application is in the process of performing its job.  So what analysis are you performing and with how much data?

  • My table is 32 variables and 2600 cases. All I am doing is ANOVA and box plots. This is not  a complex analysis.

    Statistica tends to lock up when attempting to view the results.

  • Hi IDIRK,

    Please contact Dell Statistica support online at or call 1 800 306 9329. 

  • What analysis are you running when Statistica hangs?  Are you using your own data or an example data set from within Statistica?