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Free Statistica for Professors and Students

Free Statistica for Professors and Students

  • Statistica is now free for professors and students, see the latest write-up in Information Week.

    If you are a student or professor, here is a link to the free software.

  • Thanks for making Statistica free.   In our intro to probability course, Statistica lets  students easily visualize joint density functions like the one below.  Students are able to see more than the equations  and it does not require any programming knowledge before getting results.  This is perfect for students and professors.

  • Hi,

    This is very good news. I am a Ph.D. candidate on informatics and my husband is a professor in construction engineering. I am planning to use Statistica for some research.  I have been trying the link you posted for a while . However, I get "Due to a configuration change, no matching products are currently available." message only. No request form or a similar thing. I also could not find a link for a free academic version of the product. I could only get 30 days of trial which is not enough for our studies. I will be very appreciated if your guide us on this subject.