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Statistica Workspace Problem

Statistica Workspace Problem

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I am currently using the trial version of Statistica 13.  When I drop a node onto the workspace such as a Boosted Classification Tree node, the options do not display when I click on the gear. There is an empty transparent window that opens with a Boosted Classificaiton Trees title.  Any suggestions on how to remedy this problem?  The Data Health node had the same problem.

I am running Statistica 13 on a Dell 64 bit laptop with Windows 7 Enterprise.

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  • That is a good idea as it is always best to have the latest drivers.  

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  • Some additional details:

    I am using two additional monitors besides my laptop screen.  I experience the issue when I am viewing Statistica on one of the additional screens.  It appears that my graphics card is having trouble rendering some things in Statisitca.  Are there settings I can change that would fix this problem?

  • Can you try to follow the workaround 1 in this KB article to disable rendering? Though different problems, the resolution might be the same. Does it resolve the issue?

  • Hi,

    Is this a 64 bit version of Statistica 13 Trial you are using?  You can check by opening Control Panel | Programs and Features:

    I am able to add the nodes from the node browser to a workspace and open their options:

    Please reboot your computer and then launch Statistica by right-clicking the shortcut and selecting "Run as administrator."  Hope that helps.

  • Still experiencing the problem after using the workaround

  • Yes I am using the 64-bit version of Statistica 13 Trial.  I have also tried running as an administrator.  It appears to be an issue with my graphics card not being able to render the options dialog box when I click on the gear of a workspace node.  I have tried changing the options mentioned above, but that has not helped either.  I am looking into updating the driver for my graphics card.

  • That is a good idea as it is always best to have the latest drivers.