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Confidence intervals - repeated measures ANOVA

Confidence intervals - repeated measures ANOVA

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Dear all,


I am writing up statistics for a scientific journal that requests to report effect sizes and 95% confidence intervals for primary findings.

Most of my analyses are repeated measures ANOVA, but I also have one-way ANOVAs.

I have no problem finding the effect sizes, but I do not know how I can access the 95% confidence intervals.

Could you please let me know where I can find them?


Thank you very much for your help,


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  • Hi Geraldine,


    I'm sure you would have found the answer by now, but here it goes for posterity

    You can get those results using options from the Means tab of the GLM Results dialog, e.g. click the "All marginal tables, least squares means" button.

    This is described at (read at the end of the page).

    If you need support with Statistica more urgently you can always contacts us via (enter Statistica as product)