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Looking forward to Version 13 of STATISTICA

Looking forward to Version 13 of STATISTICA

  • I have been a long time Statistica user.  I appreciate the ease of use and also the flexibility of the software.  It was a great pleasure to do a webinar for StatSoft a couple of years ago sharing a success story for a Text Mining project I completed with Statistica Data Miner and Text Miner.  I am looking forward to seeing the release of version 13 soon.  Keep up the great work!

  • Toby,

    We are always happy to hear from our supportive customers.Smile We are extremely excited about our 13.0 release as well. Below are some sneak peak views of the new UI :

    Look forward to more happy Statistica hours !

  • Toby, I am glad that you found the new forum. We are trying to get the word out that we are open for sharing again. Marketing put a notice in the last newsletter and Statistica staff are notifying existing customers. 

    It has been a long while since we chatted. I am now the Statistica Product Manager. 

    Angela Waner