Bill Moore, senior business development manager, Tribridge:
CIOs tell us that they struggle with providing users with the proper access to applications and data, while maintaining effective controls to meet regulatory requirements and protect that data. The Quest One Identity Manager Data Governance Edition helps organizations understand what unstructured data they have and who has access to it. It establishes a process to make sure each user has the access they need, but nothing more, and that the right people approve and fulfill the requests. It also helps line of business executives understand the impact of granting access and provides them with the certification necessary for compliance.

Rick Teague, principal information technology analyst, Kings County:
Access request fulfillment is one of the drudgeries of IT. It can typically take up to two business days for a help desk to manually track down approvals and provision access to unstructured data, not to mention the rework necessary if a person's role or responsibilities changes. Quest Software can help me avoid that whole issue and focus my skills elsewhere, by automating the fulfillment process to make access management fast and repeatable, yet effective and secure.

Ranjeet Vidwans, vice president, business development, Identropy:
Managing unstructured data is still a major problem and new approaches are necessary. The newly introduced Quest One Identity Manager Data Governance Edition will allow our customers to have more visibility into their unstructured data, apply detailed data security policies, speed up the fulfillment process, and keep related manual tasks at a minimum. It's a great addition to the Quest One Identity Solutions portfolio, and delivers the kind of innovation and business value that our customers have come to expect from both Quest and Identropy.

James Willard, owner, Byteworks:
As a consultant, I've worked with countless different types of companies, all of which are faced with the same problem: how to find and manage access controls for a growing amount of unstructured content. By helping to automate the discovery and catalogue process, Quest Software can bring clarity to what was previously a largely opaque and time consuming process.