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A discussion venue for all things high performance computing (HPC), supercomputing, and the technologies that enables scientific research and discovery.

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This is a catch-all category for all blogs about HPC from our Dell Community that clearly don't fall into one of our technical focus subjects.

University of Sussex HPC - Shedding Light on Dark Matter

BLOG & VIDEO: Unlocking the mysteries of the brain
This is a featured page

VIDEO: Transforming Research with High Performance Computing

SlideCast: TACC Lonestar Cluster Upgrade to 300 Teraflops

VIDEO "What Would You Do With Your HPC Resources, Just For Fun?"

VIDEO: HPC Collaboration & How to Get the Next Generation Excited About HPCThis is a featured page

Enabling human potential: Texas Advanced Computing Center unveils Lonestar 4 supercomputer

ABC’s of HPC, the ways HPC could be used to help a range of industries. Predictably we started w/ A

Pablo de Olavide University: Saving the planet – one calculation at a time

Written by Dell's Kathy Baird, this blog highlights some of the research being conducted on the "green-house effect" and climate change around the world.

Calling All Mathematicians: Re-Inventing Deterministic Solutions
Intriguing blog post by Dell's Dr. Mark Fernandez that poses the question: Can you improve the solution to a problem that has already been solved?

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