This year's big supercomputing event, SC12, was held in Salt Lake City & was a fantastic conference. Some of the key highlights included:

  • University of Texas winning the SC12 Student Cluster Competition
  • Texas Advanced Computing Center's (TACC) Stampede recognized as 7th fastest computer in the world from Top500
  • Thought-leadership presentations in the Dell booth

This page is dedicated to some of these highlights of the show. Enjoy!

Congratulations to TACC for Stampede

View this SC12 video as Texas Advanced Computing Center's Director Jay Boisseau discusses Stampede

UPDATE: Stampede Operational as of Jan. 7, 2013!

University of Texas Wins the 2012 Student Cluster Competition!

Read the official University of Texas news announcement here.

VIDEO: Student Cluster Competition Winners from University of Texas 

View this SC12 video as Dell's Steve Sofhauser interviews the winning student team from the University of Texas.

Birds of a Feather Session - Genomics Research Computing: The Engine that Drives Personalized Medicine Forward

An excellent BOF discussion that addressed optimizing bioinformatics algorithms and HPC architectures for use in genomics analysis. Panel members included Virginia Bioinformatics Institute, Translational Genomics Institute and Dell. The current and future roles of coprocessors, e.g. MIC, GPUs and FPGAs, in HPC ecosystems for genomics is also addressed. Length: approx. 55 min.

Video Interviews with HPC Leaders

VIDEO: Karl Schulz from Texas Advance Computing Center (TACC)

VIDEO: Paul Calleja from University of Cambridge

VIDEO: Happy Sithole from CSIR Meraka Institute

VIDEO: Mark Reed from University of North Carolina

VIDEO: James Wilgenbusch from Florida State University

VIDEO:  Roger Beilefeld from Case Western Reserve University

VIDEO: James Lowey from TGEN (Translational Genomics Research Institute)

VIDEO: David Lifka from Cornell University, RedCloud

We'll be posting more videos, images, and other content overtime, so please check back to view latest updates.