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Recently Dell's Dr. Reza Rooholamini was interviewed in Bangalore by the Deccan Chronicle & Asian Age publication. Below are some of the highlights to the article as well as a link.

Deccan Chronicle & Asian Age story on Dell Supercomputing
Clip of the recent Deccan Chronicle & Asian Age article interviewing Dell's Dr. Reza Rooholamini about supercomputing. Click image to read full article.

Some key quotes include:
  • “There is use for supercomputing technology in every sphere of our lives. While supercomputing is used in highly calculation-incentive tasks such as weather forecasting, molecular modelling, nuclear research or to create flood prevention systems, it has pervaded sectors such as automotive, movies, consumer products, FMCG etc.”
  • “Dell offers an average order size of $50,000-$200, 000 for various levels of departmental and divisional work – Dell will deliver in 2 weeks and deploy in 3 days including installation, documentation, training and optimisation.”
  • “We are witnessing phenomenal growth in India with our HPC solutions and I won’t be surprised if the largest and fastest supercomputer will be right here in India in a few years.”
Link to story: http://epaper.asianage.com/ASIAN/AAGE/2010/12/20/ArticleHtmls/20_12_2010_011_026.shtml?Mode=1

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