SciPy Conference 2010The SciPy 2010 conference was held at UT Austin's AT&T Conference Center last week and was, IMHO, a big success. Kudos to the conference organizers at Enthought for organizing a great meeting. The attendance was the largest it's been in years, the talks and tutorials were excellent and the facilities fantastic. You've got to love a conference center that has HD TVs playing the World Cup games! I sincerely hope SciPy 2011 is at the AT&T Center next year.

SciPy 2010 presentationSciPy 2010 presentation SciPy Conference 2010

The first annual (I hope!) Bioinformatics track at the conference went off without a hitch and was well attended. I had a lot of fun chairing the session and the feedback was that we need a whole day of Python and Bioinformatics talks. That is definitely my plan for next year. I'd like to have several programming with Python for Bioinformatics Tutorials next year as well.

In case you missed SciPy 2010, the tutorial presentations and software are being posted here:, slides of the talks are being posted here:, and lightning talk slides are being posted here: You can read the SciPy 2010 blog here:

Hope to see you at SciPy 2011!

Dr. Glen Otero