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After architecting a HPC System, which includes all aspects of a solution, customers would like to know the power consumption of the system. When measuring power consumption, it depends on the customers’ application workload. Each application will stress the HPC system differently. The key is using an application or benchmark commonly used in HPC that provides the highest measured power consumption compared to customers’ applications. One such benchmark is Linpack. Linpack is used by customers and vendors as a burn-in process for a new HPC system, measuring peak FLOPs to be reported on the When Linpack runs for multiple hours, it typically consumes the highest power consumption. The resulting power consumption from the Linpack run is used by customers to size the proper data center power and cooling for the HPC System.

In Part 3 of this blog, I will discuss how to use the power consumption during a Linpack run to size the Rack Power Distribution Units (PDUs).

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-- John Fragalla