SC15 took place this November in Austin, TX. The theme this year was "HPC Transforms," and almost 13,000 attendees from industry, academia and research organizations around the world, came to discuss and learn just how it is changing the world. The 217 industry-focused exhibits was the highest in the 27-year history of the conference.  Here are some highlights:
  • Two theaters in the Dell booth - Zilker and Sixth Street
    • Morning Series with Intersect360's Addison Snell and Onur Celebioglu, HPC Engineering Director at Dell
      • Discussing discussing trends and tech in the HPC market
      • Participants learned about types of application characterization, best practices and examples of engineered solutions appropriate for research, life sciences, and manufacturing verticals
    • Panel discussions
      • All Together Now: The Convergence of Big Data, Cloud, and HPC
      • More than Just Exascale: How the NSCI Will Make HPC More Accessible to All
  • Twenty great client presentations
    • From Arizona State University, to Virginia Tech, TACC, SDSC, and many more - we had a plethora of wonderful stories exemplifying just how impactful HPC is in today's world

Morning Series:

Addison and Onur discussed why HPC is now important to a broader group of use cases, and dug deep into overviews of HPC for research, life sciences and manufacturing. Participants learned more about why HPC, big data and cloud are converging, and how Dell solves challenges in our HPC engineering lab and through collaborative work with other leading technology partners and research institutions. 

Here is Addison's presentation: