Dell has been a big supporter of open-source for many years. A large number of Dell’s cloud, big data, IoT and developer solutions include open-source technologies and communities.

About four years ago, a small team within Dell set out to create a Linux-based laptop for one very valuable audience, the developer community. In a unique approach, the team went directly to the developers to understand what an “ideal laptop” would look like. This collaboration is known as Project Sputnik.

Barton George, the founder and lead for Project Sputnik spoke about the linux-based developer laptops in a Facebook LIVE video during the OSCON conference. 

He talked about how a small team took a skunkworks project and by courting developers, was able to drive innovation within a large corporation and turn a $40,000 investment into tens of millions of dollars. 

To learn more about this project and how, together with the developer community, Dell was able to create the ultimate developer laptop (now in its fifth generation) check out this recent article

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