The Dell Booth is a popular place to be at this year's Strata + Hadoop, thanks to Guy Harrison's book signing events. The author, who is also an executive director for Dell R&D Information Management, is know for his books, such as Oracle Performance Survival Guide and MySQL Stored Procedure Programming (with Steven Feuerstein). His latest book, Next Generation Databases is garnering a lot of attention in the industry.

Focused on the latest developments in database technologies, this is a book for enterprise architects, database administrators, and developers who need to understand what is new, what works, and what’s just hype. The aim is to help you choose the correct database technology at a time when concepts such as Big Data, NoSQL and NewSQL are making what used to be an easy choice into a complex decision with significant implications.

Harrison has divided into two sections, with the first section examining the market and technology drivers that lead to the end of the complete “one size fits all” relational dominance, and taking a closer look at each of the major new database technologies.  The second half of the book includes the nitty gritty details of the major new database technologies; examining how databases like MongoDB, Cassandra, HBase, Riak and others implement clustering and replication, locking and consistency management, logical and physical storage models and the languages and APIs provided. Harrison also muses upon the future of database technology and predicts the explosion of new database technologies over the last few years will be followed by a much needed consolidation phase. He believes there are some potentially disruptive technologies on the horizon such as universal memory, blockchain and even quantum computing.

Harrison has spent most of his career in the relational database world. We are very lucky to have him with us now at Dell. He’s always interested in hearing what other people think and their questions and concerns.  He will be with us for another book signing and giveaway today, so stop by booth #931 at 1:30 PM.