The democratization of HPC is under way. Removing the complexities traditionally associated with HPC, and focusing on making insightful data more easily accessible to a company’s users are the lynchpins to greater adoption of high performance computing for organizations beyond the more traditional groups.

HPC is no longer simply about crunching information. The science has evolved to include predicting and developing actionable insights. That is where the smaller, newer adopters uncover the true value of HPC.

However, these organizations can become overwhelmed by the amount, size, and types of information they’re collecting, storing, and analyzing. Increasingly, these enterprises are identifying HPC as an efficient and cost effective solution to quickly glean valuable insights from their big data applications.

That cost-effective efficiency can yield impressive measureable results. In just one example, Onur Celebioglu, Dell’s director of HPC & SAP HANA solutions, Engineered Solutions and Cloud, cited how HPC has allowed life sciences using big data to slash genetic sequencing from four days to just four hours per patient. That reduction has provided an untold improvement in treatment plans, which has bettered the lives of patients and their families.

Greater democratization also occurs when companies realize it is possible to leverage HPC, cloud, and big data to benefit their business without abandoning their existing systems. Having the ability to build onto an existing system as business needs warrant, allows more organizations that otherwise couldn’t reap the benefits of HPC to do so.

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