by Matt Thomas

No matter how you define it, Big Data is playing an increasingly larger role in business. A recent IDC survey of the largest organizations in a wide-range of industries across North America showed:

  • One-third of organizations have begun using new sources of data
  • 60-percent are now using new analytical techniques
  • One-third have begun using new metrics or key performance indicators KPIs)

Among the many trends in Big Data, IDC highlighted:

  • Increased workloads - There's an increasing expectation for on-demand access to data from every available source.
  • A drive toward greater automation - A growing number of organizations are turning to streaming technologies and event processing, which enables "on-the-fly" analysis.
  • More exploratory work - Discovering strong signals from a broader range of data sets is driving more accurate predictive models.

IDC also found an increasing shift by organizations of all sizes to available technologies like Hadoop that harvest the valuable details from large collections of unorganized data, execute deep analysis on it, and respond to rapidly streaming data.

Another interesting aspect of big data adoption highlighted in the report is the advantages offered by preconfigured solutions. Those packaged solutions, such as reference architectures and appliances, minimize the need for custom development and infrastructure management efforts.  These solutions can offer:

  • A Hadoop cluster with bundled hardware and software
  • Proof of Concept capabilities
  • The ability to analyze large amounts of data quickly
  • Support and training as needed

You can learn more about the trends IDC is seeing, and the solutions driving them here.