by Armando Acost

Increasingly, the manufacturing industry is seeing big data as an important tool to unlocking insights that drive competitive advantage. This is leading to greater adoption of big data strategies and solutions by a wide range of companies in every vertical. In a series of overview stories, insideBigData examined how the manufacturing industry is using big data and the success that is being realized.

For example, some of the multitude of benefits manufacturers are seeing from big data include:

  • Measuring compliance and traceability down to the machine level.
  • Quantifying daily production activity with a company's financial performance.
  • Realizing higher degrees of visibility into supplier quality and performance over time.

It is pointed out that there are some significant changes. According to insideBigData, "Many manufacturers don’t have access to the tools that they need for deploying big data solutions - to get results faster, to perform required calculations - regardless of what they’re manufacturing."

Some of the challenges shared by many organizations as they begin a big data initiative include:

  • Handling data quality and performance - A big data infrastructure must align with business goals, to deliver actionable, real-time insights.
  • Expanding the data handling strategy - The ability to analyze a variety of data from traditional structured to semi- and unstructured data sources is paramount to successful data handling..
  • Identifying scalable big data solutions - Companies need flexible, scalable big data infrastructure that can integrate front-end and back-end systems, and grow with a company's needs.

You can learn more about how manufacturers can benefit from big data, how the industry is adopting the technology, and read a case study in this white paper.