by Brandon Draeger

As the adoption of Apache Hadoop in the enterprise gains momentum, the needs of our customers are expanding and evolving at an even more rapid pace. In recent years, the majority of the focus of customers has been purely on proof of concept type deployments to “kick the tires” on Hadoop to understand where it will fit within a data management strategy. As customers complete those evaluations, new solution options aligned with the next phases of their big data journey are needed.

Through the 3-way partnership between Dell-Cloudera-Intel, those needs are being met in a very holistic way. At the beginning of the life cycle, customers require a quick path to getting beyond setup to evaluation phase, which is addressed by the Dell QuickStart for Cloudera Hadoop offering. As customers learn from their POC’s, they can then adopt and expand their operational footprint with confidence by leveraging the Dell | Cloudera Apache Hadoop Solution Reference Architectures. Finally, as advanced customers begin to look at next generation technologies such as Apache Spark, they can begin their POC cycle again with the turn-key capabilities of the Dell In-Memory Appliance for Cloudera Enterprise.

These proof points in our joint partnership among Dell, Cloudera, and Intel are just the beginning of the benefits our customers will be able realize as they continue their adoption of Hadoop. For example the release of Cloudera CDH 5.2, a major milestone in the Intel-Cloudera joint road map, delivers key security and performance features to align with a broader set of enterprise use cases. Furthermore, this release also delivers the majority of the key features first introduced in the Intel Distribution for Hadoop (IDH) that are now a part of the Cloudera Distribution where it further paves the way for joint Dell IDH customer migrations to Cloudera.

The future is bright for upcoming Dell-Cloudera-Intel collaboration into 2015 and beyond as we continue to jointly enable big data adoption for more and more enterprise customers. We will achieve this promising future by delivering integrated Dell-Cloudera-Intel solutions, targeted and optimized for key workloads from the silicon to software.