Recently, Mark Donsky of Cloudera conducted a webinar focused on Big Data Governance.  Donsky suggests that there are seven typical goals every Big Data Governance program should try to attain. They include:

  1. Enabling users to make better decisions
  2. Reducing operational friction
  3. Protecting the needs of data stakeholders
  4. Training management and staff to adopt common approaches to data issues
  5. Building standard, repeatable processes
  6. Reducing costs while increasing efficacy through coordinated efforts
  7. Ensuring the transparency of the processes

Donsky submits that although each of these goals is important, organizations must be vigilant about having standard, repeatable processes.  He argues that too often individuals or groups are allowed to circumvent the prescribed processes. However, these "hall passes" (as Donsky dubs them) put an organization at risk.  By not following set procedures, security breaches can occur. This, of course, can negatively impact an organization's bottom line.

You can hear greater detail about these seven goals and learn more about Big Data Governance at the Omneo webinar.