by Joey Jablonski

More and more organizations are evaluating Hadoop to determine how best to adopt these new capabilities to enable better insight into data.  Many IT organizations have mandates from their CIO and CTO leadership to become familiar with Hadoop and determine how best it would fit into the existing IT landscape.  But this familiarity takes resources – resources in the form of time, hardware costs, and training investments. 

As with any new technology, Hadoop cannot simply be plugged into existing IT environments.  Existing environments have established processes, patterns, existing applications and best practices that must often be modified to accommodate new technologies.  IT teams have to fully test new technologies in their specific environments before releasing them for use by the wider organizations IT supports.  Stability and performance to the business is paramount for any organization. 

Dell QuickStart for Cloudera Hadoop enables organizations to quickly engage in Hadoop testing, development and proof of concept work.  Through the combination of Dell PowerEdge servers, Cloudera Enterprise Basic Edition and Dell Professional Services, organizations can quickly deploy Hadoop and enable development and application teams to test business processes, data analysis methodologies and operational needs against a fully functioning Hadoop cluster.

 With the added flexibility of the Dell Professional Services, you can choose the right combination of training, installation and application development that is right for your organization.  By adjusting the combination of services to the unique needs of your organization, you can ensure that your team gets the most out of QuickStart, and quickly determines how best to grow to production usage of Hadoop. 

Dell QuickStart for Cloudera Hadoop enables your organization to quickly deploy Hadoop, integrate it with your environment and enable a broad range of staff in the organization to begin leveraging Hadoop to determine the best fit for production deployments and processes.