Originally published at HPCatDell on May 14, 2014

by Sanjeet Singh

Earlier this month, the White House published a report examining big data's impact on the economy, government and society in general.  The report is the result of an initiative launched by President Obama in January, when he asked presidential counselor, John Podesta to lead a committee reviewing big data and privacy. 

Among the report's findings:

  • Preservation of privacy is paramount
  • Big data offers unprecedented learning opportunities in education
  • Potential forms of discrimination based on big data need to be prevented
  • Law enforcement and other security organizations must use big data responsibly
  • Using big data to improve the delivery of public services will further its use

Podesta's team included the Secretaries of Energy and Commerce, special advisors to the President on science and the economy, and other senior officials. For 90 days the group met with academic researchers, privacy advocates, regulators, technology industry leaders, and even advertisers and civil rights groups.

You can learn more about the report in a insideBigData story, or the full report, which is available on the White House website