In a recent ADMIN HPC magazine article, Dr. Jeffrey Layton, a colleague of mine at Dell, introduces a three-piece series focused on helping HPC organizations improve I/O performance.

The article series will focus on the following three codes:

  • C; 
  • Fortran 90; and 
  • Python

In the first article,Understanding I/O Patterns with C and strace, Jeff takes us on a walk through tour of of several application runs, and reviews the results using strace, a debugging utility for Linux and some Unix. Jeff noted he started with C, and not C++ because he still runs into C often in HPC environments, which I found interesting.

After several examples, Jeff demonstrates how monitoring application performance via strace can deliver valuable insight with the goal of gaining application performance improvements. 

You can read the first article here:

We'll be watching for the next article focused on Fortran 90.