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Dell Active Infrastructure for HPC Life Sciences

Creating an integrated, turnkey Linux cluster that is designed specifically for genomics analysis has been a pursuit of mine for some time now. Before I was at Dell, my then business partner and I would imagine what it would be like to install a Linux cluster in the morning and be running genomics analysis pipelines that same afternoon. A lofty goal to be sure, and we were working on the software to make it possible. 

Fast forward to present day and Dell has taken a big step towards achieving that goal. The Dell Active Infrastructure for HPC Life Sciences, is the result of the relentless pursuit to provide genomics researchers with a manageable, affordable, soup to nuts HPC tool that works for you and not against you:

Software is still the sticky bit. That's why Dell is collaborating with TGen, Harvard, TACC, Intel and Lab7 to provide performance optimized applications and scalable genomic pipeline management software. We want users to be able to install an Active Infrastructure HPC system in the morning and then download software that will install genomics tools and pipeline management software for use in the afternoon. For an explanation of just one of the software frameworks we're working on check out:

Thanks to Intel, Terascala, Mellanox and Bright Computing we have a Dell Active Infrastructure for HPC Life Sciences cluster available for people interested in kicking the tires. Contact me at if you are interested in getting remote access to the cluster for any sort of testing.