Enterprise storage needs demand solutions that can scale up and scale out in terms of capacity and performance. This is especially true in HPC environments where the additional constraint of cost is paramount. Dell has responded with cost effective solutions for the HPC storage needs in three different spaces (as illustrated in the figure below):

In particular, NSS is a very cost-efficient solution that can deliver high performance at moderate capacities. However, previous versions of the NSS were restricted to a ceiling of 100 Terabytes (100 * 2^40 or 100 TiB) due to the Red Hat support limit for XFS.

Given industry current demands for storage solutions with bigger capacity in this space, Dell has been working extensively with Red Hat on XFS testing and validation to expand the support beyond the 100 TiB barrier and meet the current business needs of our customers.

As a result of this effort, Red Hat has granted Dell support for XFS up to 288 TB (raw disk space) on NFS Storage Solutions with a single namespace, and even bigger capacities on custom design solutions. This is a very important milestone for Dell’s quest towards providing Petabyte storage solutions.

For details about the performance characteristics and different capacities of our new version of the NSS, please take a look at the NSS white paper.

Written by Garima Kochhar, Jose Mario Gallegos, and Xin Chen