Dell | Terascala Storage SolutionWhen scalability and performance of storage are part of your system needs, the Dell | Terascala High-performance Storage Solution (DT-HSS) is the key to fast performance and large scale storage requirements. The third generation of the DT-HSS, known as the DT-HSS3, leverages the PowerEdge R710, boosting performance with the faster, 2nd generation PCIe transfer speeds. The DT-HSS3 is a scale-out, fast-access storage solution aimed at accommodating our high performance and high efficiency computing customers, but providing fast speed access to a large capacity, single namespace filesystem for any reason.
The DT-HSS3 is a scale-out, Lustre appliance achieving strong performance in excess of 6.4GB/sec of throughput from each Object Storage Server (OSS) Pair. The performance and capacity scale by increasing the number of OSS pairs used. The Metadata Server (MDS) Pair can support more than 1.45 billion files stored across the OSS pairs.

DT-HSS3 Sequential Read / Writes
As you review your requirements for the solution, scalability becomes an important question. The scale of the DT-HSS3 raw storage from 48TB up to a total of 384TB per OSS pair and throughput of up to 6.5GB/s in this packaged component is consistent with the needs of the high performance computing (HPC) environments. The DT-HSS3 also capable of scaling horizontally as easily as it scales vertically. Increasing the number of available Object Storage Targets in a single OSS pair increases the capacity and operations per second. Adding additional OSS pairs increases data throughput, capacity and operations per second.
For more information and to review the findings from Dell’s performance studies, please read the whitepaper: The Dell | Terascala HPC Storage Solution (DT-HSS3)

Graphical Interface for Management

PowerEdge Servers and PowerVault Storage supporting Lustre by itself is a great solution, but the DT-HSS3 does not stop by simply providing a storage mount point. The DT-HSS3 offers so much more.
  • Seamless integration of the Lustre Patch-less client in Platform Computing’s cluster management (PCM)
  • A Terascala Management device
  • Graphical interface for:
  • Lustre Administration
  • Manual functions for High-Availability
  • Server power management.
  • Storage management and monitoring.

The Terascala Management Console (TMC), shown below is a feature that really simplifies the management of the Lustre solution. The TMC is installed on the desktop of your favorite station and connects via a single network connection to your DT-HSS3 appliance.
Figure 1 Terascala Management Console
Terascala Management Console

The TMC application’s seamless integration with Dell management software allows monitoring for all servers and storage components. The TMC provides for alerting the administration team to changes in state down to the hard drives monitored in individual enclosures. All the while this administration is handled; the highly-available Lustre components continue to deliver superior file system management and availability. For all of the details, please review the white paper: The Dell | Terascala HPC Storage Solution (DT-HSS3)

Written by David Duncan, Dell Systems Engineer