My colleague Kirsten Billhardt blogged about this week's invitation-only Digital Manufacturing Revolution hosted by the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS). She notes that along with the launch of the Michigan Grid Cell™ Innovation Center at GE’s Advanced Manufacturing and Software Technology Center (AMSTC) in Van Buren, Michigan, the event also focuses on the "missing middle" - those smaller companies that haven't yet adopted high-performance computing (HPC) technology.

In her brief corresponding video she outlines three significant reasons that those organizations are quickly becoming no longer among the missing:

1. The cost of computing power is decreasing rapidly. What used to be the exclusive purview of large, big-name manufacturers is now affordable to much smaller organizations.

2. Correspondingly, the value and cost efficacy of HPC is more clearly understood. Allowing for hundreds and even thousands of virtual simulations saves money by freeing companies from the need to build multiple prototypes.

3. The technological advancements allowing millions of bits of data to be run in a simulation rather than thousands of pieces of data simply allow organizations to do more in less time.

HPC is increasingly becoming a vital part of any manufacturer's research and design capabilities - regardless of size. You can read more about the event in Kirsten's blog here.