Despite all of the technology that allows us to virtually connect with others today,  face-to-face is still one of the most powerful ways to come together and address important issues facing our community. A recent gathering of High Performance Computing (HPC) higher education professionals at the Dunsink Observatory, and Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (DIAS) proved an old school get-together is still tops.  

Enterprise Marketing Manager for Dell in Ireland Peter Trevaskis recently attended, and provided a great summary of the event as well as some of the topics discussed that were addressed. Held Oct. 18, 2012 and hosted by Dell, the event attracted representatives from some of the top institutions in the region, including Trinity Collge, UCD, DCU, Limerick University, the Tyndall Institute, and the Irish Centre for High End Computing (ICHEC).

Some of the issues addressed included:

  • Challenges with memory performance
  • Serial processing vs. parallel processing
  • Need for an operating system to be able to handle massive parallel processing

Peter's blog makes me think of how important the upcoming SC12 event will be in November in Salt Lake City. I'm personally looking forward to more face-to-face meetings with the colleagues and leading HPC professionals we all work with throughout the year.

To read Peter's full blog, click here: High Performance Computing Inaugural Event