Congratulations are in order for Henry Neeman and the University of Oklahoma, as they introduced "Boomer" as the newest addition to its Supercomputing Center for Education and Research. And with an impressive 109 TeraFLOPS peak performance, the addition of Boomer is a great thing to not only the University, but to the state of Oklahoma as well!

For perspective, the Dell-based supercomputer is 100 times faster than OU's first supercomputer from 2002, and three times faster than "Sooner" the previous HPC-king on campus.

But what's most important is the type of research Boomer will be involved with, which ranges from weather modeling, molecular dynamics, and even high-energy physics. Henry, who serves as the director of the OU Supercomputing Center, is as excited as the researchers and students who can access it, saying, "... [Boomer] will enhance research capabilities by connecting scientific collaborators throughout the state and nation.”  

Finally, Boomer is a part of two other really exciting projects, including OneNet, which is Oklahoma's statewide research, education, and government network, and the Oklahoma PetaStore, which is designed to handle many Petabytes so researchers can better collaborate.

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